Blocks Camera

The First Modular Camera!

 ACTION | 360 | 3D


We all believe in our dreams. Together,
we can make those dreams come true!

The Blocks Camera is the first modular, multi-functional camera which is highly adaptable to many different activities. Its modular architecture makes the camera enormously efficient and customizable. It is capable of having more than one individual Lens Block to record/capture videos/images in different modes such as Action, 360-degree and 3D.



What is Blocks Camera?

"Blocks Camera features modular design with swappable components"


The product design is about

innovation, sophisticated technology

and well-designed forms.


With Blocks Camera, we wanted to design elegant and functional form

that works perfectly in any mode.




Team Work

Big Ideas

We believe big ideas can come true. The Blocks Camera is designed by a team of specialists and pioneers in this field. We’re excited to build a product that can revolutionize video recording.

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